Special Education Needs Support

In general, people who have chosen to home educate do not get any State support, however, children with Special Educational Needs may have access to support in some cases.

The guidelines are subject to change though, such as when the government is looking to cut spending, so it is wise to stay updated.  Fiona Nicholson’s website on  Special Educational Needs is a good place to start.

For information on current high needs funding arrangements, you can visit this government web page.

There are many support groups around the UK, who will also be an invaluable source of help and information. We hope to build up a list of contacts and information on this page, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to suggest support resources by contacting us here

 HE Special Website of the HE-Special-UK mailing list

EHE-SEN: ELECTIVE HOME EDUCATION AND SPECIAL NEEDS (Yahoo! group)or find them on Facebook