Education Select Committee Report: “Strengthening Home Education”

Towards the end of 2021, the Education Select Committee, chaired by MP Robert Halfon, launched a Call for Evidence on Home Education. Although over 900 submissions were received, just under 500 have been published as of today, and those were published in fits and starts. There were a couple of oral evidence sessions, at which home educators were under-represented, and no witnesses were current home educators, or home educated young people. All records can be found here.

The report, misleadingly titled “Strengthening Home Education” was released on 26 July 2021. Since Robert Halfon had made no secret of his intentions to seek a registration system for home educators from the outset (even before the submissions had been published) the recommendations, disappointingly, came as no suprise. 

Home Educators in England are now being urged to contact their MPs and make their feelings and concerns about the biased nature of this report and its findings (which have no evidence to back them up) known. 

Here are some helpful resources for staying informed and getting involved in pushing back.

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We also have a couple of handy resources for communicating with your MP, or if you have to deal with Media Enquiries:

Talking to MPs

Talking to The Media

Call for evidence responses A document produced to help those responding to the Call for Evidence, but still relevant if you’re looking for points to convey to your MP.

Education Otherwise Open Letter to the Education Committee

Visit The Home Education Channel on Youtube for helpful videos explaining more about what the issues are. 



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