our vision

The vision sees HeadHub (Home Education & Advocacy Hub) serving, supporting, and connecting home educators, advocating on their behalf, and improving opportunities for them.

our mission

The mission is to connect home educators to support and networks which equip, empower, enable and encourage them in their home educating journey.  Further support will be offered through events, supplying of information, and promoting home education as a valid education alternative in academia, government, the media and society in general.

Who we are

Headhub is a non-profit organisation which aims to serve home educators in the UK by:

  • Improving access to educational, social, and extra-curricular activities for home educated children.
  • Offering opportunities to home educators for networking and support
  • Offering a range of educational resources and other supportive materials
  • Equipping and encourage home educating and other parents through conferences or other events
  • Providing training or encouragement events several times a year
  • Providing information and individual support to home educators, and parents considering home education
  • Promoting home education as a valid educational choice within the public, academic and governmental sector
  • Investigating and pursue potential options for private funding /services for home educators

As a fledgling organisation, it may take some time to fully realise all our aims, but we hope to grow with the support of the home education community.  Headhub does not have any links to any local or government authorities.

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A little bit of background: Juliet English is mum to 7 children and has been home educating since 1998. Originally from South Africa, the family moved to the UK in 2007. Juliet has a BA degree in Social Work, but stopped practising as a social worker in 1993 to be a stay-at-home mum. She has run, or helped run, 3 successful home educating groups, in the different cities she's lived in, and also has experience in running conferences. She now has only her two youngest still being home educated. The growth in home education in the UK has led to a greater demand for support, advice, and encouragement, and it has been Juliet's dream for some years to establish something to help those families needing it. She loves meeting others that are as passionate about home education as she is, because it provides common ground, for people of different walks of life and backgrounds, to agree on.
Juliet English