Tick Tock….

There is now a mere 2 weeks left in which to complete the government survey: Home Education – Call for Evidence and revised DfE guidance. This survey is long, it is arduous, and it is tricky. Veteran home educators and bright minds alike have wrangled with it. For some, upon reading the questions for the first … Read more

Government EHE Guidelines Consultation Help – Making a Brief Response

Shared with permission from Caroline, of Home Education Freedom Charter The Government is consulting on changes to the way local authorities deal with home education, and is considering bringing in draconian policies to control and oversee what we do. Needless to say this would be a disaster for our families and our children, many of whom … Read more

Call to Action!

Important Notice about Government Draft Consultation UK home educators are in danger of losing some of their home educating freedoms! Respond to the consultation by 2 July! There is helpful information to be found at The HE Byte to guide your responses.  There are also petitions opposing the consultation. You can sign at change.org and also at 38 Degrees. The Facebook group Draft … Read more