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Talk to someone

If you need help and support regarding general home education, special needs, or legal issues, please complete our Contact Form with details of the kind of help you need.  If you would like someone to call you to chat in person, please include your phone number, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Important notice about Government Draft Consultation!

UK home educators are in danger of losing some of their home educating freedoms! Respond to the consultation by 2 July!

There is helpful information to be found at The HE Byte to guide your responses. 

There are also petitions opposing the consultation. You can sign at and also at 38 Degrees.

The Facebook group Draft EHE Guidance Consultation Group is also seeking to mobilise home educators across the UK to petition their MP’s to oppose the consultation. Please join the group if you haven’t already, and find out if your constituency is represented. We need to make it clear that the way in which this consultation is being conducted is unacceptable.


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